Inventa MultiVac3 1650 Watt Steam Vacuum Cleaners

Product Details:

Steam Press3.0 bar
Steam Production50 gr/min
Steam Temp135 Degree C
Vacuum Column225/22.05 mbar/kPa
Power/Volts1200/230V ~ 50 W/V/Hz
PackingLxBxH 40x39x64 cm
Boiler Power1650 Watt
Weight11 Kgs

Steam is generated with electric power and injected onto the upholstery surface to be simultaneously vacuumed, to give clean, germ free and odorless interiors with least usage of water, electric power and cleaning

Steam is also a great cleaning tool for the under the hood cleaning and cleaning of battery and air-conditioning duct. Exteriors can also be cleaned including degreasing of windshield etc., giving lasting results.

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