SCL Comfort XXS 66

The Comfort XXS 66 is a result of the direct experience of professional people at Inventa : easy to handle, powerful, efficient, carefully conceived and designed by using top quality materials. Independantly driven double double disc brush gives extended mechanical action of the bristles on the floor for persistent dirt. The counter rotating brush gives a better overall cleaning result. The special setting of the brush plate allows a balanced gripping effect, assisting easy use. The comfort facilitates complete cleaning also next to walls and the compact washing element is lower at the sides in order to scrub under edges and crevices.

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Model Comfort XXS 66
Code 8.579.0002
Power Volts 24 V
Scrubbing/Squeegee width mm/mm 660/855
Working capacity m2/h 3250
Detergent Tank Cap. lts 75
Recovery Tank Cap. lts 75
Traction motor Watts 400 (Rear)
Brush RPM rpm 150
Brush Power Watts 2*400
Vacuum Depression mmH2O/Watts 1700/400
Weight Kgs 160
Dimensions LxBxH cms 123x63x121